The “Get Away” Game Show

“Hi! I’m Don John and welcome to the “Get Away” Game Show where we ask two families to answer questions based on 5 themes they must select. Today, we have our champions for the last two years – the Poindexter Family!”
The crowd applauded.
“And over here, we have a lovely brand-new family for today’s game – the Reynold’s Family!”
The audience applauded.
“Let’s meet the Reynold’s family from Akron, Ohio. I see a dad and mom and no children. Sir, What is your name and your pretty wife.”
Mr. Reynolds said, “Hi Don. I’m Henry Reynolds, but you can call me ‘Bubba’. I work as a clerk at an Exxon gas station, and love, love, love it. This is my very young wife, Katy. She works at ‘Deja Vum’ a strip dancin’ place downtown.”
Katy waved to everybody excitedly. Then she blew them a sensual kiss.
Don said, “Woo! What an exciting family! No kids?”
Bubba replied, “No youngins, Don. They’d just get in the way of her business, cause Katy needs her figure for her business. What with all them other men and all… You understand, don’t ya, Don?”
“Uh… Yeah I think so.”
“We’ve been married 5 years and… “.
His wife interrupted. “Uh Hon, I need to talk I’ve got this client… ”
“OK! Let’s go over here to the Pointdexter Family!” Don yells. Everybody cheered.
“For those who’ve never seen our show before, the Pointdexters have won straight for the last two years.” Applause from the audience.
“Let’s get to know them again!” He turned to the bearded man wearing glasses. “Sir, introduce yourself!”
“I am George Peabody Pointdexter and this is my brilliant wife, Louisa-Jayne. We are from Boston, Massachusetts. We both attended Harvard University, and teach there. I have a Ph.d in Astrophysics and Chemistry. Louisa has a Ph.d in Classical Literature and Chinese. However, I loathe to say she ultimately studied for that degree at the lowly Yale University.” Louisa rolls her eyes.
“We do have some new news after being on the show. We have a little one on the way. His name will be William and he will go to the best schools and ultimately Harvard… ”
“OK, George. We know your story quite well. Now as everybody who has watched this show knows we ask one question to each family. If they tie we ask two other questions until one gets ahead and wins the prize… What prize is that, Ben?”
Ben’s voice boomed, “A vacation to historical Israel. Then a short cruise to the Greek Islands, and then to Iran, Iraq and Libya! The total price is $10,000!!”
The Reynolds yelled and clapped at the same time. Katy and Henry bent over and got into a ten second French kiss. The Pointdexters made grody looks on their faces and look at each other.
Don yelled, “OK. Now we have 5 topics today for our mystery questions. One. American Literature, Two. Chemistry Breakthroughs, Three. Mystery Subject! Are you two teams ready??!!!”
The families nodded and the audience applauded.
“OK, Pointdexters. We’ll start with you. Which are you going to pick?”
“I can answer that, Don,” George replied. “Chemistry Breakthroughs, please.” George suddenly felt tense and didn’t know why. His neck suddenly began to hurt.
Don looked at the question. “George and Louisa, what two scientists discovered DNA?”
George said as the pain in his neck began to hurt much more severely and rubbed the back of his neck. He looked at the floor, “Ow! This crick hurts!”
“No! I’m sorry! It’s ‘Crick and Watson!'”
The audience is stunned.
“Now, the next question goes to the Reynolds… What subject do you want to pick.”
Katy yelled, “American Literature”.
Don replied, “American Literature it is!… Question: What author wrote, ‘This Gift of the Magi’ and ‘The Cop and the Anthem’?”
The Pointdexters smirked since they knew the answer. The Reynolds glared at each other. Tears started to roll down Katy cheeks. She put her head on Henry’s shoulder and cried, “Oh,… Henry… ”
“That’s correct!”
Katy and Henry looked up. The audience was cheering. The Pointdexters moved from their stands. “This was a setup! What about the million dollars you secretly promised us to stay in the game??”
As everyone cheered, Don said, “We have new champions and they’re going to the Middle East!”

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