Mss32 Dll Vice City Error Fix

Are you receiving an error related to mss32.dll while trying to play Grand Theft Auto Vice City? It is observed that when Windows is unable to run an application due to missing or corrupted dll files then it negatively influences the performance of your PC.

You can perform following steps in order to fix this problem:

Reinstall Game:

Mss32.dll Vice City problem occurs when this file does not exist on your system or it is corrupted. In this situation you are advised to reinstall entire game. Here are steps.

Click on Start button.

Go to Control Panel.

Double click on Add or remove Programs.

Select GTA Vice City from list of installed programs and click on Remove/Uninstall.

Follow on screen instructions.

Restart your PC.

Reinstall the game.

Fix Windows Registry:

Game related information is stored in registry part of operating system in a systematic and structured manner (in form of entries). In many cases registry entries such as mss32.dll are improperly modified by other programs. That’s why you need to clean cluttered registry. Downloading a reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer is helpful in this regard.

Reinstall the File:

Reinstalling the dll file may fix the problem. You can copy from GTA Vice City Installation CD ROM. Follow these steps:

Insert installation disk.

Open My Computer.

Press F3 key.

Type mss32.dll in search box and press Enter.

Select mss32.dll; copy it and past to C:WindowsSystem32 directory.

Restart your game now.

If file is not present in game’s installation disc then you can copy from C:WindowsSystem32 directory and paste where game is originally installed.

Update your Drivers:

After reinstalling mss32.dll in Vice City you may receive other device driver related errors. Error normally indicate that your driver is either outdated or needs to be updated immediately. To fix this problem, download driver from safer Internet location.

Clean your System:

If you don’t have free space on your disk then GTA Vice City may crash. In this situation you need to clean your system, here are steps:

Click on Start button.

Go to Programs.

Select Accessories and then System Tools.

Click on Disk cleanup.

Select your disk partition.

Follow on screen instructions.

If this is not helpful then you can choose to install PC optimizer software on your PC.

Instant Fix:

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