How You Can Get Closer to God

So “how” do we do it? Getting closer to God, I mean. Is it only a mental ascent? Or perhaps it’s a physical endeavor such as the Hindi’s believe. Where does it leave us Christians?

I get this question a lot. “How do I get closer to God?” there is no one simple “off-the shelf” answer for this. You see, each person has to “walk out” their salvation. This entails their relationship with God and the daily how’s and why’s of that walk. Some day’s there will be great joy and bliss while other days you want to remove from the calendar. This is just the stuff of life I suppose. I face the same trying things too. There are however, some things that can be done to enhance your relationship with God that please Him and draw you both together. Here are a few of the things I use:

Firstly, when you wake up in the morning, even though you may not feel like it, greet God by saying something like “Good morning Lord!”, whatever you feel like saying. Waking up with the understanding that God is there will get you associating your day with you, Goad and all the things that will happen that day.

Secondly, take time out from your busy schedule to thank Him for His blessings. Many times we are so busy that we forget to thank the One who gives us all we need. When things go right, thank God; when they go wrong, thank God. Too many times we blame others for our mistakes, even God. In all things give thanks

Thirdly, take the time each day and read His word. The Bible is rich with all you will ever need in this life and beyond. Take notes as you read and ask God to show you the deep things. Read and pray, read and pray.

Fourth, Spend time in prayer. Find a quiet place and begin meditating on His face and His person and all the goodness He brings. Dialog with Him and spend time listening to His voice. For further information about this see my article: “How to hear the voice of God”. I use the A.C.T.S. form of praying. I will describe it here:

A – Adoration

To adore someone is to deeply admire them and love them. Spend time telling God how much you Love Him. Worship Him and woo Him with your heart of love.

C – Confession

To confess means to see things the way God does. We have all sinned and God knows that. We “confess” by telling God what we have done and ask for forgiveness. This is also done before one takes communion.

T – Thanksgiving

In prayer we give thanksgiving to God for all He has done. Thank Him for everything, good and bad that has ever happened to you. He works all things together for the good.

S – Supplication

This is where we lift up others and their needs. We bless others and also pray for safety and security for them. We ask God to settle petty disputes and disagreements too.

This is a very good form of praying.

Lastly but certainly not least is communion. We should participate in communion at least once per week even if your church only does it monthly. This practice is excellent for drawing close to God. Set the stage of your heart in worship. Find a very quiet place and prepare to be with God. Prepare your elements and spend time in prayer before you even take communion. This is a holy time and one not to be rushed through. Take your time and dwell in His presence. Know He is there with you.

And always know this, that God loves you so much, that He gave His son Jesus to be your Lord and Savior at your asking.


Dr. James P. Noll, PhD

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