YouTube is Not Working on My PC, What Do I Need to Do to Fix it?

YouTube is currently one of the most popular websites on the entire Internet – but is also one of the most problematic. Although its technology has been hailed as revolutionary, it’s still causing a lot of problems for many people, who simply aren’t able to watch the various YouTube movies they want on their system. Fortunately, this problem is actually quite easy to fix if you know how…

There are several possible reasons why YouTube won’t load up properly, or will take a long time to load its movies, and in order to fix the problems caused by this website, you really need to be able to repair the issues at the heart of the problem. In order to understand any potential problems caused by YouTube, you need to understand how this site works. Basically, it has a series of movie clips & files stored on a huge server in San Fransisco, and every time you want to load one of these movies to watch on your PC, “Flash Player” (a software tool for playing multimedia on the Internet) will download the movie onto your computer and then play it through your web browser.

Although most people can watch videos on YouTube with no problems at all, there is actually a lot that can go wrong, and needs fixing. The first issue is with Flash Player – you may have a faulty installation of this required software. Fortunately, it’s free – so you can eliminate this potential issue by uninstalling Flash Player from Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and then removing the Flash Player. After its been removed, install it again by clicking onto YouTube and following the instructions on screen. You may also want to do this with the actual web browser you are doing (reinstall it), as this can often become damaged & corrupted – leading your computer to be unable to process the various files & settings it requires to run.

If you find that Flash Player & your web browser are not causing problems with YouTube, then the next step is to repair the “registry” of your system. This is a huge database which stores vital settings and information that Windows requires to run – and is used continuously by your computer to help it recall information that your PC requires to operate with. Unfortunately, the registry is constantly being used so much that it’s continually being damaged – leading your system to take much longer to process the files & settings that it needs, leading it to run slower & with errors. As loading up any YouTube video requires a huge amount of settings from the registry of your PC, the fact is that most computers simply can’t read the settings they need in order to get the most out of their system. To fix this, you should use a registry cleaner program to fix the various errors that could be preventing YouTube from loading properly.

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