Why President Trump’s Followers Seem Unaffected/ Inspired, By His Rhetoric?: 5 Possibilities

Nearly every day, I am reminded, we are experiencing unchartered waters, with the occupant of the White House, using a combination of Social Media, and sound – bytes, to articulate an unusual message! Polls indicate his popularity, and favorable rating, is consistently, between around 40 to 45%, yet his most ardent supporters, remain loyal, at an amazing rate! While much of this nation, seems to be undergoing excessive stress, tension, and uneasiness, his supporters appear to believe, he is the best thing since sliced bread! While we have always seen political disagreements, there generally seemed to be, some possibility of reaching a meeting – of – the – mind, and/ or, common ground, for the common good! In today’s super – charged environment, this seems to be, nearly impossible. In fact, to many, there seems to be a merging, in their minds, between their personal opinions, and facts! President Trump seems to be somewhat of a genius, when it comes to reading, the political tea leaves, and knows how to appeal to his core supporters, realizing, since, we elect our Presidents, based on the Electoral College, instead of popular vote, he remains electable, if not, perhaps, the favorite, in the upcoming 2020 election. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 possibilities, of why, despite everything which has occurred, his followers remain extremely loyal, and appear, to be undisturbed by his rhetoric and vitriol, and willing to accept his version of the facts, and conspiracy theories.

1. They support, what they perceive/ believe, is his agenda: The simple possibility, is, many, don’t care, as long, as Mr. Trump, seems to be doing, what they seek, in terms of immigration, race – related issues, court appointments, etc. These individuals may be supportive, not because of an emotional attachment, but rather, for their personal reasons!

2. They believe him, and trust his explanations: The gap between the news, as it is disseminated, in different media, has never seemed to be, so wide! If you watch the same story, on different stations, you might get a considerably different explanation. In today’s 24 – hour, news cycle, with cable news, and the Internet, rather than viewing less skewed reports, we are witnessing, many more extremes! Although, it has been reported, President Trump, has lied or told misstatements, over 10, 000 times, in the last 30 months, his supporters, appear, to either believe him, and his explanation, or, just, don’t care!

3. Xenophobia, etc: Instead of maintaining, America’s image, as the Melting Pot, we are witnessing, an extreme degree of xenophobia! How can a nation, of immigrants, remain true to its ideals, if/ when, so many seem to be afraid of foreigners?

4. Think real facts, are Fake Facts, and vice versa: Since the President, often, declares, anything, he disagrees with, or opposes him, either personally, and/ or, politically, as Fake Facts, many of his most ardent supporters, appear to believe, there are various versions of facts, and even, the most proven ones, still have alternative options! While much of the conventional media, and his political opponents, consider Trump’s version, as his fake facts, and he calls everything else, by the same name, it is easy to see, why, we aren’t even close to achieving any sort of common ground!

5. Partisan politics: Although many, who previously, identified themselves, as Republicans, no longer do, the vast majority of those, remaining, support President Trump, in amazing numbers! Public officials, and politicians, for example, who have spent, decades, opposing large deficits, have abandoned those principles, because, it appears to support their personal/ political, partisan politics, and/ or, self – interest!

It seems, Trump’s supporters and opponents, are, either, not ready, willing, or able, to see the others perspectives, and views! Wake up, America, and demand, representation, and service, based on the common good!

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