Why I Love the GameCube

The reason I love the Nintendo GameCube is because it was released with three series that are still going strong today, and was a landmark console for the time it was around. The launch series I speak of are The Legend Of Zelda, which had been continued onto the console from previous consoles, Metroid Prime, and Pikmin.

The Legend Of Zelda was released on the GameCube in the form of The Wind Waker. The game saw the setting of every Zelda game suddenly changed from vast open fields to a world mostly occupied by ocean, with a few specks of land making up the places players were taken to explore, though there was more to the ocean than met the eye.

This game was so popular it has been carried across to the Nintendo Wii U, a console two generations ahead of the GameCube, but thanks to its originality and popularity it has been remade for future audiences.

Metroid Prime was the first ever game in the Metroid series that was brought to life in three dimensions. Classically the games had been side scrolling shooters and puzzlers, but now the series set to create a new genre, the third person puzzle shooter. Players needed to progress through a planet with varying environments, picking up new powers when they could and defeating bosses on a scale larger than ever seen before on consoles.

Since the release of this game there has been another for the GameCube which brought even more to the table in terms of scale and action. The series progressed to the next generation of consoles, and it has even made the next transition to consoles a generation after that, showing just how amazing the original game for GameCube was.

Pikmin was a game like no other. Players needed to use their varying coloured Pikmin to collect pieces for their ship and escape a planet they had landed on. Another game was released due to its popularity, and two generations in the future a third installment is being produced for current generation consoles.

Another reason I loved the Nintendo GameCube was that it had the best graphics in a market where it was outgunned by the Xbox in terms of multiplayer and the PlayStation in terms of sheer popularity and awareness. So many revolutions occurred on the GameCube, and anyone who owned one will remember how great playing games on it was. Nintendo have been able to replicate this originality in the Wii and Wii U, though not in the same way as was achieved with the GameCube, as that was a console made ahead of its time and vastly under appreciated by many, but at least me and a few other people loved it while it was current.

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