When I Was Young

The sounds of silence so soothing to hear where visions of my past so often appear. We all should remember the tranquility of those simpler days where we had seasons in the sun. Rita, Ann, Mary-Lou and Sue were just a few of the girls I once knew. The games we played is where innocence was displayed. Now, that I have reached the Autumn of my years I still reflect of those bye gone days. Fortunate I was to have traveled the globe and seen the world through so many different eyes.

The world has turned over so many times since I was young. Those simpler days of yesteryear are more convoluted now. The complexity of living is cause for so much unrest. But, through all my years where I have gone from caviar and eaten humble pie I always remember those days when we frolicked in the sun. It is so sad we let those days morph into a more sinister and darken world. Today, our leaders have displayed loyalties making it almost impossible for each of us to have seasons in the sun.

Through the years since I was young I lived through the good and the bad. Many a tear was shed When I was young I thought I had all the answers. It wasn’t until many years latter I realized how many times I was wrong. I have worn many hats through-out my life. From student, athlete, teacher, coach, business owner, politician, and writer. It seems I have come full circle. It is too bad more people stop learning once they reach a certain point. We all should be students through-out our lives. If we do just that just maybe the world today would be a more stable and peaceful place.

When we have leaders who think they know all the answers aka, Trump, and refute elements of factual information the world becomes a more dangerous place. The times we are living through today is testament to what our leaders haven’t done and are continually doing. In all my worldly travels where so much poverty, horrific living conditions amidst the sludge of human waste the foul stench of human existence in so many places is inescapable. The political will to salvage human dignity in every corner of the world has been grossly neglected. The powers that be remain deaf to the cries of the impoverished multitudes.

As I have gotten older where the gray has turned white the sadness of the times even in this time of year where it should be the most wonderful time has turned into anything but. Our leaders today remain affixed on courses of inaction. As the plight of humanity grows the lingering hope of better safer days ahead seem to be a forgotten dream for millions. The reality I am afraid is that the changes needed to usher in a more benevolent world where empathy and not apathy is bestowed upon mankind will take a catastrophic cataclysm of disasters to finally make things right.

They say the future is not promised to no one. Yet, our destiny is in our hands. The choices we make will dictate our future. And, only through a constant evolution of learning can we make the right decisions that will preserve our heritage, restore human dignity, and ensure a quality of life unparallel in human history. But, today with the United States so divided and without the ingredients that would pull this nation together the political will to do so remains so elusive.

In all those yesteryears much could have been done and in many instances through the development of better technologies, medical breakthroughs, and scientific marvels made the human existence more bearable. Yet, with all that was devised by man so many remain incapable of accessing all that was developed. The inequalities have only increased with each passing decade. With ever increasing inequality there is great animosity which further increases the tensions and frustrations of a growing public. The divisions we are experiencing today is a net result of our leaderships failure to implement policies that would bridge the gaps of the greatest wealth disparity in our history.

We can not bring back the times when I was young. But, what we must do is to make sure that the times we live through today and for the future tomorrows is to realize just how far we have drifted away from the security of the family unit, the sanctity of life, and the dignity deserved upon every human being. Once we realize this we can begin to implement the reforms that would return us to a more benevolent society where compassion, humility and humanity prevail in every aspect of our lives.

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