The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

While watching Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery the other evening a friend and I chatted about some of Stephen’s other movies. When I mentioned Rose Red my friend bought up the movie “The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer” being a prequel. Since I enjoyed Rose Red I just had to watch this Ellen movie. I hadn’t watched it for a good while, so I fired up my beloved Netflix and added both movies to the top of the list and waited a couple days for them to arrive.

We watched the first half of Rose Red one night (it’s a two parter) and the second half along with Ellen the next evening. While Ellen was preparing to start I noticed it was not written by Stephen King, but a man named “Ridley Pearson” he must have been very impressed with Rose Red to make a movie my friend said.

I wondered if the same lady playing Ellen in Rose Red played in the new movie but she didn’t nor was the husband the same. John was played by the handsome Steven Brand. I kept thinking to myself the entire movie he looked so familiar, but I couldn’t place him. Normally I’m pretty good about identifying actors and I knew I had recently watch a movie with him in it. The movie did have the original maid from Africa which was cool. We also both wondered if the movie would explain why the ground Rose Red was built on seemed to be doomed. The movie started out elaborating on the early years of the marriage between Ellen and John. He brings Ellen to the house while under construction to let her get a peak of it; he goes on to propose to her just when the man shoots the foreman with a flashback to the movie Rose Red.

Ellen asks if this was a bad omen for them not to get married. Although not a superstitious person myself I might have agreed with her! John assured her is was not and they went on their year long honeymoon which leads to Africa, her sickness and meeting the maid Sukeena (Tsidii Le Loka) an extremely accomplished singer/actress. The story progresses with John being a womanizer which in that era it was quite common for men to have affairs, but Rose Red didn’t like it and the women keep disappearing mysteriously sucked into the house. Bummer

The movie portrays Ellen as more sweet than the evil grandma she played in Rose Red it went on to explain a bit about why the house was evil. Although I did enjoy the movie I wasn’t quite satisfied it could have went deeper and gave more details into the story which happens often with books turned into movies. I believe I’m going to read the book which got some good reviews. And just so you know I did IMDB the actor Steven Brand who played the husband John, sure enough I was right I did just watch him in a movie last week, “The Scorpion King” he played the very handsome but bad guy Memnon.

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