Sudoku Download Games – The Benefits of Playing Sudoku Games on Your PC

The popular Sudoku puzzle now comes in many formats, from the old pen and paper and board games to some great free Sudoku PC games which are available online as downloads. Whilst purists may prefer the old paper version, I really enjoy the electronic versions because they incorporate all the benefits and fun of the classic puzzle but with more visual compelling features and some amazing graphical representations.

These PC downloads come in many themes and variations and some involve additional features such as a background story, quest or treasure hunt. So that there are not just about solving a basic numerical riddle but a puzzle with symbols or hidden codes that have to be solved in order to uncover clues.

For example I have been enjoying playing a game called Ancient Sudoku; this has a tribal theme to it and uses colored gems as well as numbers in its puzzles. This makes this PC game more visual and gives the classic Sudoko a new twist.

I enjoy doing Sudoko as it is a great way to build up logic and my skills of deduction. Deduction is required to eliminate each of the possible variables in each cell of a grid. Typically the grid size had been a 9 times 9 grid. Nowadays the grid can be bigger, different shapes or use different symbols. All Suduku puzzles will start with some cells pre-filled to help you get started. The number of cells that have been pre-filled will determine how easy or difficult the puzzles are. Usually the levels of difficulty are split into easy, medium, hard and difficult.

There are many sites where I can get free puzzles games, by printing off and solving them on paper one by one. But the benefit of downloading full free Sudoku PC games is that I have access to unlimited games right there on my computer. I can then choose when and which level to play – from easy to difficult without having to print them off.

I can also get hints to help me, there and then. And also get the complete solution if I really get stuck! The game (I mentioned above) is a particular favorite of mine as it includes a puzzle solver feature. This means I can even put in any Sudoko puzzle that I get from say a newspaper or magazine and enter the given pre-filled numbers into the solver. Then I can play it on my PC, use the hints button in the puzzle solver if I’m stuck or get it to completely solve it for me if I really can’t solve it on my own, which is pretty cool!

Whenever I have a spare moment I bring up my PC Suduku game and have quick go. They say that doing these sort of logic puzzles every day helps to give your brain a bit of a workout. I find it is also good way of taking a break from my work or any other intense mental activity! Doing a Sudoku brainteaser gives my mind a break from the tasks in hand by shifting my focus onto something completely different and is a good trick to becoming more productive at work.

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