Sony PSP Downloads – How to Download PSP Games, Movies & Software

Buying games from your local shop has recently become a thing of the past. Especially now with the Psp; games, movies & software can easily be downloaded straight from the net, put onto your memory stick and instantly be transferred on to your PlayStation portable.

Although this is very convenient, downloading games from the internet can be dodgy, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Downloading from certain sites makes what you are doing illegal, but there are certain sites out there that have brilliant services, making downloading games, software and movies to your PC fast and easy.

One thing you have to bear in mind when downloading is the Firmware on your PSP. This is like the operating system; it controls the software and hardware and can be different on each version of the PSP. To find out the version of your PSP firmware, just go to the systems menu on your PSP and select it then select system information then the option system software. This will tell you the version of your firmware.

When searching for sites to download your PSP games from be careful. Check out the sites properly before you part with money. But also remember the best sites will have a small one time charge for using there services. This is usually refundable if there’s any sort of problem but it’s something you need to check for. Remember also that the best sites will not only have games but movies and software as well.

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