Independent Film Making – 3 Quick Tips

Welcome to the world of independent filmmaking. You probably  are eager to get started. Whether it be for online or a local film festival, with these quick tips, you will  have a little better understanding on how to get ahead of the game. The following tips are going to show you just the basics on getting started. With time and experience, you will be a professional at it. Okay let go!

  1. Figure out what kind of budget you will need for your film. Are going for baby level filming, that it, do you just want to do a quick documentary with little to no money? Or are you going for broke and hoping on hitting a goal with your film? Best ways to earn revenue for your film depends on your level of work. If you have a job, save half of your salary every time you get paid. If you do not have a job, consider doing donation work or doing chore work for people you know in exchange for a quick buck. Over time, you will have enough to get a good foundation on your project.
  2. What is you film going to be about? Do your homework, as teachers and parents would say. Go online or a library and find out more information on the kind of subject you want to do a independent film on. Not only do you learn more about it but you also have better resources to help you further you hobby in filming.
  3. Lastly, figure out what kind of gear you will need. If its on a budget, stick with budget type equipment. If your are wealthy, go for the big boy toys. Some basic gear would include: a camcorder, tripod, compact discs or tapes, television set, a computer, and video editing software.

Now remember that these are just basic tips. They are not meant to teach you the whole world of independent film making, but it does give you a quick inside look on what it takes to begin one.

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