How to Run Spider Solitaire on Ubuntu?

One of the biggest complaints about Ubuntu is that there doesn’t seem to be a spider solitaire. Of any Windows based default game, this is the one that is asked about the most from users. I know of users who actually didn’t move to Ubuntu simply because of this issue. It is many people’s favorite including mine. There are a couple of options to get your spider solitaire fix while running Ubuntu.

The first is to realize that there is a version of spider solitaire as well as about fifty other card based games that come on Ubuntu systems. The reason most can’t find it is because it seems to be hidden. So it is actually there if you know where to look for it! Here is where to go find it:

Go to Applications then Games and select the program AisleRiot Solitaire. At first this looks like a normal version of Solitaire but it does have the spider version inside. Click on Game then Select Game to bring up a list of card games. One of these will be the spider version that many have grown to love. Problem solved for most of us.

If you want to use the exact Windows version, you will need the executable. By default this does not run in Ubuntu because it’s only runs in Windows format, but you can make it work. There is a free program called WineHQ that will run these types of files while using Linux. This can be found in the Synaptic Package Manager. After installation run the executable under “Wine” to get it to work. This solution works quite well for most people who want the native Windows option but a bit more work is required.

A third option is to go into the repositories and download other solitaire games that are free, open source software if you would like a different version or look from the one that comes with Ubuntu. There are thousands of games to choose from some of which will have things like spider solitaire packaged with it. Of course this involves the most work but also gives you the most functionality.

Generally speaking, if there is a simple application or game that you need, there is an open source alternative to what was offered on your Windows machine. This is because people who make open source software like making applications and programs that people enjoy using.

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