How to Effortlessly Learn Hindi

The first semester or two it seems hopeless. You memorize some words, learn some basic sentence structure, and may be able to speak and understand a few phrases. Just like any other language, though, learning Hindi does get easier with time. What may seem impossible one day is easy a few months later. There are several key steps that work in classrooms that would work anywhere when learning Hindi or other languages. Work on spending time immersed in the language, watch television or even try finding restaurants that involve the language, and start with the basics.

The biggest difference between first semester foreign language classes and advanced classes is immersion. The first few weeks, you are spending time just learning a few key words and understanding the basics of verbs, nouns, singular, plural, etc just like elementary English classes. During these first few weeks, you spend most of the time speaking in English and never really have a chance to teach yourself to think in other languages.

On the other hand, the people that study abroad become totally immersed in the language. Chances are English will not be all that helpful in Spain. So you are forced to try and say everything in Spanish. Learning Hindi is the same. Traveling to India may not be possible but find other people that either speak or are studying the language. Spend time with them avoiding English as much as possible. In time, you will find you need to rely on English less and can speak and think in Hindi faster.

Another trick from high school foreign language classes is to watch shows on television or listen to radio stations that use Hindi. This will help with the immersion but will also train your brain to work faster. A reporter on a Hindi news cast is not going to speak slower simply or use smaller words simply because you are not fluent. Your brain will have no choice but to find ways to interpret the information faster. Being able to understand what people are saying easily is a great step toward being able to communicate faster. In time, maybe you can think in Hindi rather than having to mentally translate everything.

Focus on the basics first. Do not worry about complex sentences, knowing every word, or having perfect pronunciation immediately. That will come with practice. Focus on present tense, simple and common verbs, common nouns, and phrases that will help in everyday situations. Just like English, when learning Hindi you need to worry about simple grammar before complex sentences.

Studying a foreign language can be easy. Many people learn multiple languages throughout all stages of life. The keys are to just not get overwhelmed and give up. Instead when learning Hindi or other languages focus on immersing yourself in the language, listen to other people speaking it in places like television or radio, and focus on the most basic information first before worrying about harder concepts.

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