Hindi Phrases to Learn Before You Go to India

Basic Hindi phrases are a must to have in your repertoire if you are visiting to India, whether for a few months or going on holiday. Going to a country where your native language is not the primary can be intimidating and a little bit scary. Not to worry, here are some of the most common Hindi phrases with their basic pronunciations, executed in a more user-friendly way than those lousy little phonic markings found in most dictionaries.

Namastey, aap kaise hain. (na-mas-thay, Aap kai-say hey?) Hello, how are you? In India, we often greet people by saying Namastey with folded hands.

Main theek hoon, dhanyevaad (Mai teek hu, dhun-ye-vaad) I am fine, thankyou.

Aapka naam Kya hai? (Aap-ka naam kya hey?) What is your name? Generally, it is a casual question asking your name.

Mera naam…..hai( May-ra naam….hey) My name is…. This is an answer of the previous question.

Aapko Hindi aati hai? (Aap-ko hindi aati hey)This question will be asked by many people, unless you have already made an attempt, and then they will simply smile and be very sweet to you.

Mujhe angrezy nahi aati hai (Mu-jay un-grazy n-he aati hey) I don’t speak English. This can be a response if they don’t know English.

Kitney ka hai? (Kit-ne ka hey?) How much does this costThis phrase assumes that you know the numbers from one to ten in Spanish.

Mujhe samjh nahi aaya(Mu-jay sum-jh n-he aa-ya) I don’t understand.

Bahut mehangaa hai. (bo-hu-thh may-heng-ga hey) its too expensive.

Mujhe chahiye (muj-he chah-iye). This verb means “I want “. It is a very useful word as it is used in many day-to-day situations. Like while ordering coffee in a restaurant, you will say, mujhe ka-fee chahiye.

Khana ( kha-na) It means food.

Paani (pa-ni) it means water.

Haan (ha) it means yes.

Nahi (n-he) it means no

Aapse milke bahut aacha laga (Aap-say mil-ke bah-ut a-cha laga) nice to meet you.

Don’t forget to say “namastey” (na-mas-thay) which means “goodbye” when you leave, usually said with folded hands.

I hope these basic words help you in getting started. Hindi is one of the most enjoyable languages to learn so don’t stop here!

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