Fun Baby Shower Games – Baby Shower Purse Game

There are many fun baby shower games around. But in choosing party games for your baby shower you will have to bear in mind a number of factors such as types of guests, the personality of the expectant mother, budget and so on. The baby shower purse game or whats in mommy’s purse game is a fun game that will be thoroughly enjoyed by guests.

The purse game is played at not only baby showers but bridal showers and other parties. Women these days have huge purses, jammed packed with everything they think they might need, much to the chagrin of their spouses. This funny baby shower game is very easy to play and everyone will be surprised to see some of the things they actually carry around in their purses.

To play this game simply tell guests to have their purses ready. You will then explain that you will be reading off a list of items from a list and guests are expected to fish out all the items they have in their purse that they hear on the list. When you finish reading off all the items, the guest that has the most items from the list is the winner of the game.

The list should be made up of all the items that you think a mother will have in her purse such as picture of a baby, q-tips, safety pins, toy, something blue or pink, nail clipper, wipes, kleenex, comb, brush, snack, gum, hand sanitizer, pencil, crayon, coupons, cell phone, shopping list, tide stick, receipt, spoon, bottle water, condom, camera, keys, etc Be sure to add some difficult things to the list such as slippers.

Another version of this game is whats in mommy’s purse game. This is maybe the most popular version of the purse game at shower parties. It is played by taking the expectant mothers purse and removing each item for guests to see, if guests have that item then they should take it out. The player that has the most items matching those in mommy’s purse is the lucky winner. A small manicure set or hand lotion is a nice prize idea that she can just stick into her purse to use later on.

This game has been tried, tested and proven a hit with women at baby showers. It is a cute game that all guests will get a laugh out of playing. If you are looking for other funny games like the purse game just visit fun shower games to choose from a variety of free baby shower games.

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