Free PSP Game Downloads Sites – Do They Exist?

Simply, the answer is ‘yes’, but like most things in life, things are not always so ‘simple’.

The PSP (PlayStation Portable) has been out since March 25 2005, and has since then been the best handheld gaming and multimedia device the world has seen. One of the greatest features about the PSP is the ability to download games, movies, music, and other multimedia directly to the PSP.

When it comes to downloading games and movies, there are some choices available to the user. First and foremost, everyone will naturally seek the ‘free’ option. I do not recommend this option, and I will not be listing any ‘recommended’ sites for free PSP game downloads. The biggest problem with downloading from these types of sites is that each download is accompanied with bundles of spyware and adware, filling your computer jam packed full of ’em. The second problem is the tremendously slow download speeds, as it can take you anywhere between 3 days to 3 weeks to download a single game. The slow download speeds might not be so bad for those who can’t afford the pay sites, but it’s definitely not worth sacrificing the functionality and privacy of your computer. Just remember, nothing in life is ever ‘free’, and, you always get what you pay for (in this case, you pay nothing, and you get a whole heap of stuff you don’t want!)

Don’t fret just yet! All hope is not lost.

Many safe and reliable sites [] are now appearing on the net offering fast and friendly downloads of the latest PSP games, movies, music, and more! There are many of these sites, so how do you know which one to choose? Some sites require monthly membership fees while others may charge per download.

Your best bet is to go with a site which offers lifetime access with unlimited downloads [] for a onetime, non-recurring fee (usually around $35 – $45). This is by far the best option. You do have to pay a little bit, but you get tremendously fast download speeds, new titles as they are released, and secure downloads.

If you’re looking for the Best PSP Game Downloads Site, check out my review on the best of the best at []

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