Facebook Game – Zoo Paradise Walk Through

Zoo Paradise is a very unique theme park game that is produce by Crowdstar and the game can get a bit challenging for a first timer. After days of playing through the game, I actually find it rather interesting and actually spend time playing it.

1. During the beginning of the game, get at least 2 animals in your habitat. Each Animal will allow you to collect money after every few hours depending on how many visitors they are able to attract.

2. I would advice putting two zebras into the first habitat you have. Their return is rather rewarding for starter animal as you will earn back 49 credits per-zebra.

3. Keep your guest happy, build toilets and a few food stall. This is rather hard during the beginning, but building the most basic works for now. You can then decide to upgrade them once you have enough cash.

4. Join the Fan Page for Zoo Paradise. Reason here is that you will get an additional 500 credit boost during the start of the game. This really helps a lot to allow you to built your second habitat and upgrading it to inhabit by at least 2 animals.

5. Once you have enough cash, I would advice to get a pair of coyote. They cost a bit to get them, but the returns is worth the cost as your earn back 92 credits per-coyote.

6. Get more friends to join you in the game. The more friends you have the more money you can collect in 1 day. Make sure you visit your friends every few hours as they might have credits lying all over the park. Furthermore this allows you to expend the ground in the park. Playing alone is rather challenging for anyone in this game.

7. Having more friends also help you save some money at times! If they found a capture animal, they will post it in their wall for adoptions. This is free animals and some of the animals like elephants are lock till you reach a very level in the game, but you can get them during the start of the game. So keep an open eye out for them.

8. Sending out free gift to your friends! Do not be shy or selfish; send them a gift once per day and your friends will do the same. If you do not need it, you can just sell it off to get more cash.

9. Upgrade your facility. Yes, you may think of upgrading your animal habitat first, but facilities like food stall and signboards actually bring in some revenues. Facility is easier to upgrade compare to habitat as it is a lot cheaper and they still generate revenue during the upgrading time.

10. Look out for puzzle game once a day! This help generate a bit of cash, not as much from the habitats and your animals, but still enough to allow you to perform a few upgrades for your facility during the beginning of the game.

11. Be very patient with this game. It is slow and may get very dull during the beginning, but once you spend a few days into it, the game will get more exiting from there. So just hang on!

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