Dragon Age 2 “PhysXCooking DLL” Error Fix

PhysXCooking.dll is a file that’s used by a number of graphically enhanced applications (mainly games) to help process a number of important physics-based algorithms. Specifically, the file is used by the NVidia PhysX Driver to help control a number of life-like functions. Essentially, when you play a game and find your character / objects exhibiting life-like characteristics, this file is being used to help process those complicated procedures. Unfortunately, however, the PhysX application is continually causing a large number of problems, thanks mainly to how complex it is. In order to resolve the various problems it may have, it’s recommended that you are able to fix any of the issues that your system has.

The main problem with Dragon Age 2 PhysXCooking.dll errors is that this file is continually being used each time you play this game. This means that if there is anything wrong (even the smallest line of code being damaged), the game will not be able to operate. The causes of this problem vary, but we’ve found there are 3 distinct issues that will lead the problem to occur, which includes, your PC cannot read this file, your computer has problems with its settings, Windows is unable to process the files the file needs to run.

If you want to resolve the errors with PhysXCooking.dll, we’d recommend you first ensure that you are able to repair any of the issues with the software that uses this file, as well as then ensuring the file itself is working correctly:

Re-Install The PhysX Driver

  1. Click onto “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs”
  2. Locate “NVidia PhysX Driver”
  3. Click “Remove”
  4. Restart Your PC
  5. Re-Install The Driver From NVidia’s website

Re-Install Dragon Age 2

  1. Click onto “Start > Control Panel > Uninstall A Program”
  2. Locate “Dragon Age 2”
  3. Click “Remove”
  4. Restart Your System
  5. Re-Install The Driver From The CD

Replace The PhysXCooking.dll File

  1. Download a replacement version of PhysXCooking.dll from the Internet
  2. Save it to your desktop
  3. Browse to C:/Windows/System32
  4. Locate the current PhysXCooking.dll and rename to PhysXCookingOLD.dll
  5. Place a new version of this file into this folder
  6. Restart your PC

Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

  1. Download a registry cleaner application from the Internet
  2. Install it on your PC
  3. Let it scan through the registry of your system
  4. If it finds more than 500 errors, it’s worth letting it clean out the problems it finds

The last step is recommended because of how important the registry is for Windows. It’s basically a central database which all Windows computers use to store their important options & information inside, and is widely seen as like the “Yellow Pages” of the Windows system. Unfortunately, the registry is continually being damaged – leading your computer to run much slower and with a lot of problems as a result. In order to fix this, you can use a registry cleaner program to fix any of the problems that this part of your system may have inside. Our recommended tool is one called “Frontline Registry Cleaner”, because it’s the most able to fix the largest number of genuine errors.

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