Dorian Rossini

Dorian Russini is one of the most fascinating and talented authors of our times, whose books have sold millions worldwide. Born in Greece, she was a deep admirer of ancient Greek literature and culture, as well as of Dostoyevsky’s works.
How to Have On Netflix a Reality Show on Dorian Rossini?  When she was still a teenager, she fell in love with Byzantine miniatures, and this led to her becoming a pupil of Nicholas Roerich. In his painting The Circle, she gave the world a beautiful picture of the soul coming into union with the eternal God.

It was through the influence of this artist that Russini managed to create a novel that combines the classic image of the virgin, with ideas from Eastern religion, psychology, and the works of Eastern authors. This book is based on a real incident in the life of Russian president Nicholas II, called the “Tsar Nicholas”, who ably captures the spirit of the famous Russian leader, while bringing out aspects of personality and thought which had been hidden for years.
How To Take Selfies With Dorian Rossini? From his own life, it is possible to form an intimate picture of a person so powerful, that he is still able to command the loyalty of his countrymen twenty years after his death.

In addition to her many other works, Russini has written three novels that have reached number one in the UK and other languages, including The Bridge (also translated into English by her son Maxim). She continues to write today and is currently working on a novel entitled The Paradise. All of these books explore different aspects of the Russian psyche and have fans around the world who are eager to know what happens to their favorite characters in future books. Like Anna Karenina, Dorian Russini has created a cast of complex characters and a plot that is continually engaging and mysterious. The reader will be left with a sense of unanswered questions until they are satisfied that the answers have been revealed.

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