Crysis 2 PC Multiplayer Demo

After the Xbox 360 Crysis 2 multi-player demo was released about one month ago, on January 25, 2011, now PC player can test Crytek’s newest first person shooter. Not only the gameplay but the performance on your PC can now be seen directly in the multi-player part of Crysis 2.

Nvidia has released Benchmarks with different video cards, beginning with the 8800 GT, which is reaching over 40 frames per second with the lowest quality and 1680×1050 pixels. The GTX 580, Nvidia’s top video card, is reaching over 140 FPS and even 70 FPS with the ‘Hardcore Settings’. For the whole Benchmarks, see Crysis-2-Benchmarks-by-Nvidia.

You can download this 1.6 GB demo from many sources, like EA, Gamershell or Mycrysis, including two very different maps and two modes for a maximum of 12 players. The first map ‘Skyline’ features some rooftop and indoor fights and the second one called ‘Pier 17’ is also a mixture of indoor and outdoor but on a destroyed harbour. Both can be played as a Team Instant Action map, meaning classic Team Deathmatch, or as a Crash Site map where you have to capture alien drop pods, like control points, and defend them against the enemy team.

The full version of Crysis 2 will include six game modes and twelve maps with New York City as setting, so you can play 72 different versions of the multi-player. It also supports DirectX 9, DX10 and DX11. Unfortunetly the demo supports only DX9, neither DX10, nor DX11, so the full potential of the graphics isn’t realised yet.

So far there are a few problems with the demo because the log-in server are overloaded at the moment. The log-in is necessary so many players can’t play at the moment. Crytek is working for a solution at the moment.

In the multi-player part of Crysis 2 there will be 50 ranks to get, and if you buy the Limited Edition, beside other features, you’ll get boosted to Rank 5 immediately. The system is quite similar to Call of Duty’s leveling system. With each rank you earn different upgrades for your weapons and your nanosuit. You’ll get experience by killing the enemy team and in the demo you can play to rank 10. The release date of the PlayStation 3 demo is March 15, 2011.

Release of Crysis 2 is March, 24, 2011 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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