Blindsided By Congress

What congress is doing to the American with their constant squabbling over much needed financial relief is paramount to high level extortion over the public. The blame rest squarely with the Senate Majority leader and the Republican controlled Senate. Without a doubt the American public are being held hostage by a self serving bureaucracy.

With the holidays fast approaching amid a deadly pandemic millions of Americans face a brutal cold winter all the while our public servants continue to service themselves. One cannot remember when Congress has acted with such callousness and arrogance by their sheer audacity in their failure to come to bat for the American public.

Back in the day as my father used to call the good old days we had a congress that actually worked for the people. Now, the only time congress manages to conjure up a bill that is actually passed reflects the interest of members of congress all the while being disguised as a workable bill in helping the American public.

If congress fails to pass another round of stimulus checks in this up and coming stimulus bill for millions of Americans, those $1,200 direct payments to households, not only will the whole economy suffer, but will thrust so many into dire situations that would otherwise be avoided. All because of the lack of foresight and ability to actually see how even $1200 can make a huge difference between having a roof overhead or being homeless.

Contrary to the polls that emphasize what people did with the first stimulus over 80% spent that first $1200 on food, rent, and other necessities within the first few days. A sharp contrast when the polls said most people put that money back into savings. We must remember polls today only reflect what the media wants the public to perceive as truths not the actual facts that so many today are falling through the cracks into abject poverty. Falling into that vicious cycle of poverty with little or no hope of ever recovering. All because Congress is too caught up in partisan politics.

Partisan politics that have no place today considering how fragile our economy and the health of our nation is today. For far too long the games that are played by our public officials have fueled the divisions that have splintered this nation. And, as such created more partisan politics as a result. Not only are our politicians prone to a blind adherence to a particular view but are swayed by others who support that view. Views that too often don’t reflect the majority of the publics. Sad to say America’s days are numbered when our elected officials act contrary to the publics will.

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