127 Hours: Gripping or Boring?

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127 Hours: Gripping or Boring?

Just finished watching the critically acclaimed 127 hours by Danny Boyle, after going in with one advert shooting through my head ‘amazing, power, magnificent etc etc.’ I was ready to be let down by yet another award movie that only the snobs like i.e. (Oscar award panel) I was surprised that this film was not all that appeared it was not a desperate struggle to cut his arm off but a psychological battle with himself up to that point of why he always isolates himself from affection and is this rock just his comeuppance, really. The trailer did mislead really as it made it look like similar movie buried. The difference was the actor (no offence to Ryan Reynolds who is amazing). James Franco was spot on with his portrayal.

The story as everyone knows is of hiker… going out into the desert and cliff by himself and getting trapped by a rock and left for 127 hours to survive until the inevitable choice… do I cut my arm off to get free?

The film made on a she string budget by genius Danny Boyle (28 Days Later) made this film not to shock which it did, people passing out in cinema but to make people think what they would, wait an die of starvation or cut your arm off and wait for someone to come 5 seconds later and it to be for nothing? That’s the overriding question that has to be asked really.

James Franco who I have seen little of in a serious acting role i.e. Spiderman which I couldn’t stand and the wonderfully underrated pineapple express which he played against character really. But within this you could see he had worked on trying to get the right balance between desperation and over acting and he did with a twist of insanity when has talking to himself very funny.

The awards season always does bring out these sort of movies ‘art house’ flicks that love to bore people into the ground and then at the end say bravo mentioning no names ‘hurt locker’ but this was made for a wider public to see it was made to be marketed as a film you just had to see. This film is not for the easily amused or the easily distracted it is for the ones who as my brother would say live within each movie they watch and feel what the character feels.

This film does have Barlington’s seal of recommendation!

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